Rune Divination Methods: The Mystery Rune — Whispers of Yggdrasil

his Rune Divination Method is another of my creations, although the purpose for which this one was created was to convey a lesson that may not be what you expect. Much like the Mystery Rune, the method itself has a twist which may prove to be useful when dealing with certain Esoteric „Runologists“. Remember: Divination […]

Rune Divination Methods: The Mystery Rune — Whispers of Yggdrasil

Secret passageways in ancient Andean temple were used in psychedelic rituals | Live Science — Tom Metcalfe

Archaeologists have revealed a complex of hidden passageways and galleries deep inside the ancient Chavín de Huántar temple complex in the Peruvian Andes. The researchers think the network of chambers and galleries was used in religious rituals, possibly involving psychedelic drugs. It’s the first time in about 3,000 years that these particular hidden structures have […]

Secret passageways in ancient Andean temple were used in psychedelic rituals | Live Science — Tom Metcalfe

A tour of Mycenae — It’s All Greek To Me

Following on from last year’s virtual tour of the Mycenaean site of Tiryns, now it’s the turn of the site after which the “Mycenaean” societies of Late Bronze Age Greece are named – Mycenae (ancient Greek Μυκήναι, modern Greek Μυκήνες Mikines). This impressive fortified citadel is only about 20km from Tiryns, which was probably a […]

A tour of Mycenae — It’s All Greek To Me

The Mayas: a globalized ancient culture

Proyecto Noesis Int

First of all, I want to offer an apology to all the regular, eventual and accidental followers of this space for having been absent for a few months. I am back with interesting themes, always regarding todays society and contemporary culture we live in, as well as some market research, so I hope you follow us and spread the news…


Recently I assisted to an exposition dedicated to the Mayas in Palacio Nacional (Nacional Palace or seat of the federal executive in Mexico). This exposition turned out to be rather attractive for many reasons. The Mayan culture is with no doubt something that never ceases to amaze us because of it’s development, knowledge, art, language and architecture, among other things. Being born in Mexico, the Mayan culture is not new to me, I had the opportunity to travel to some of the main archeological Mayan sites, but this time, I…

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Legal System

The Mayan Civilization

The laws governing the various Maya states were issued by the halach uinic and his council, or in the absence of a halach uinic, by the council alone. The batabob were responsible for carrying out the laws and serving as judges and administrators to their smaller towns. Trials were generally conducted swiftly in public meeting houses called popilna and judicial proceedings were conducted orally, no written records were maintained.

Witnesses were required to testify under oath and evidence exists to suggest that parties may have been represented by individuals who functioned as attorneys. The batabob would review the evidence, evaluate the merits of the case, determine if the offense was accidental or deliberate and prescribe the appropriate punishment. While the batabob’s decision was final and no appeal was available, the victim or their family could pardon the accused, thereby reducing the defendant’s punishment.

The Maya didn’t have prisons and punishment was immediately carried out by the tupiles. If…

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INAH Archaeologists Discover a large sculpture of the Maya Maize God in Palenque, Chiapas — MIKE RUGGERI’S ANCIENT AMERICAS NEWS

June 25, 2022 A 1,300 year old sculpture of the Maya Maize God has been uncovered at the Maya site of Palenque, in Chiapas. The discovery was made last July but just announced. The sculpture was placed over a pool a stuccoed floor and walls, honoring the entrance of the Maize God to the underworld. It […]

INAH Archaeologists Discover a large sculpture of the Maya Maize God in Palenque, Chiapas — MIKE RUGGERI’S ANCIENT AMERICAS NEWS

The curse of Palmyra

Aristotle, Greek tourist guide

A lot has been written lately about Palmyra, after its takeover by the ISIL, especially lately, when their forces started the methodical destruction of the city’s most important monuments. The temple of Baalshamin, the temple of Bel, as well as three of the burial towers at the edge of the ancient city have been destroyed. Using as a pretext the decrees of Islam to destroy idols, the fighters of ISIL have been destroying important monuments of world heritage since the beginning of the war. In fact, the practice is a means of concealing the systematic looting and trading of ancient artifacts which are sold to the west for huge sums of money which is then used to fund their military forays.

Short history

Palmyra (city of palms) is an oasis at a strategic spot for commerce, as it was in a vital spot in…

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How the ancient city of Palmyra looked before the fighting – in pictures


Islamic State fighters now appear to have taken control of the historic Syrian city of Palmyra – threatening the destruction of this world heritage site’s priceless architecture and art

Photograph: Fernando Arias/Getty Images/Flickr RF Photograph: Fernando Arias/Getty Images/Flickr RF

Hadrian’s Gate, Palmyra

Known as the ‘Venice of the Sands’, the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra – located at the edge of an oasis of date palms and gardens – was a wealthy caravan centre from the 1st to the 3rd centuries CE, sometimes independent and at other times under the control of Rome

Photograph: Julian Kaesler/Getty Images/Flickr Open Photograph: Julian Kaesler/Getty Images/Flickr Open

Desert citadel

Palmyra has been designated a site of Outstanding Universal Value by Unesco: ‘Its grand, colonnaded street of 1100 metres’ length forms the monumental axis of the city, which together with secondary colonnaded cross streets links the major public monuments including the Temple of Ba’al, Diocletian’s Camp, the Agora, theatre, other temples and urban quarters’

Photograph: Alamy Photograph: Alamy

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