Ancient Aegeans in the Americas? — Novo Scriptorium

In this post we present and discuss information on the very intriguing subject of possible ancient Transoceanic journeys of the Aegeans towards the American Lands. From the very interesting paper titled “The forgotten Geographic and Physical – Oceanographic knowledge of the Prehistoric Greeks” (Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece, 43, 92-104) by I.D. Mariolakos […]

Ancient Aegeans in the Americas? — Novo Scriptorium

Vinland — Logarithmic History

1003 – 1058 Toward the year 1000, the Scandinavians, under Leif Eriksson, reached the coast of America. No one bothered them, but one morning (as Erik the Red’s Saga tells it) many men disembarked from canoes made of leather and stared at them in a kind of stupor. “They were dark and very ill-looking, and the hair […]

Vinland — Logarithmic History