Druids and Astrology — Home | Order of Celtic Wolves

One clear night before dusk, as far away from light pollution as you can, go to a high place, either a hilltop or if you live in a flat area, travel away from the buildings and do not obscure your view by the trees. Observe as the sun sets in the West. What do you […]

Druids and Astrology — Home | Order of Celtic Wolves

Irish Astrology — Apanache


The Druids were possessed of „… much knowledge of the stars and their motion, of the size of the world and of the earth, of natural philosophy…“ Julius Caesar Irish Astrology, also referred to as Celtic Tree Astrology, is the astrological system practiced by the ancient Irish. It is based on a Druid symbol system and not on […]

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The Zodiacal Riddle of Vettius Valens — The Classical Astrologer


The works of major Hellenistic astrologers have become available over the last few decades. Of course, Claudius Ptolemy has been part of the canon for centuries. His works have been helpful in many ways, but we can’t say he is the last word. Indeed, the reading of Ptolemy has lead to many preconceptions, particularly with […]

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The emergence of modern astronomy – a complex mosaic: Part III — The Renaissance Mathematicus


Although I dealt with the special case of Vienna and the 1st Viennese School of Mathematics in the first post of this series, it is now time to turn to the general history of the fifteenth-century university and the teaching of astronomy. Although the first, liberal arts, degree at the medieval university theoretically encompassed the […]

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Renaissance mathematics and medicine — The Renaissance Mathematicus


Anyone who read my last blog post might have noticed that the Renaissance mathematici Georg Tannstetter and Philipp Apian were both noted mathematicians and practicing physicians. In our day and age if someone was both a practicing doctor of medicine and a noted mathematician they would be viewed as something quite extraordinary but here we […]

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Die Macht der Sterne

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser, Israel wird von den Alten dem alten Saturn zugeordnet. Oberes Chart zeigt den nördlichen Mondkonten im 10. Haus über der Saturn/Pluto Konjunktion – 10. Haus = Regierung, Hauptstadt – passend daher, dass Jerusalem jetzt von den USA bestätigt wird (und gleich relativiert „nicht vor 2019“ – mal gucken, ob das als […]

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Bauen mit kosmischer Energie

Siehe dazu auch den Beitrag mit vielen Abbildungen: https://marbec14.wordpress.com/kostbarkeiten-i-das-seltsamste-buch-der-welt-codex-seraphinianus/ 1. Mai 2017 aikos2309 „Durch dieses antike Manuskript… kann der Leser die Energie des Kosmos anziehen und kanalisieren, damit sich ein bestimmtes Ereignis in Übereinstimmung mit dem Willen des Praktizierenden entwickelt – Tierkreismagie, von der es heißt, dass sie dabei helfen solle, die Natur und […]

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