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A True Story by J.A.Coburn AKA Celtic God Gather round! Gather round! Sit, sit. Ah yes, is everybody ready? Hey you! Yeah! In the back there! Are you joining us or do you plan to continue examining your bellybutton like some kind of simpleton? Yeah that’s right turn around. Ok… Now mind this is a […]

The Celtic God and The Guru — Wylder Homes Project

Cow, Nursemaid to Humanity by Judith Shaw —


Our human connection to Cow goes back to the days of prehistory. Aurochs (wild oxen), cattle’s wild ancestors, are found in prehistoric cave art throughout Europe, India and Africa. About 10,500 years ago modern cattle were domesticated from only 80 wild oxen in southeastern Turkey. This was not an easy task as wild aurochs are […]

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Monday, 24 June 2019


Pulling kids by the ear was one of favourite school punishments the world over. But was this done just out of cruelty or was there originally another deeper reason for pulling kids ears which was over time forgotten?

In Serbia in the past, a teacher would ask kids a question, and would go through the class untill he found someone who knew the answer. That kid would then be told to go and pull the ears of all the kids who didn’t know the answer. 

The licking clean of ears by snakes was a common theme in Greek mythology. The snake licked clean the ears of Asclepius, allowing him to learn knowledge and skill that had previously been hidden to man…

During Roman time, in court, a witness would be pulled by the ear by a person saying „memento!“ to help the witness to remember what happened better… 

Babrius (Greek: Βάβριος) was the author of a collection of Greek fables. In one of them, while dying father is telling his son what he is leaving him, he is pulling the son by the ear, so he doesn’t forget what he is being told. 

Pliny the elder wrote that people believed that the memory was located in the earlobes…Hence pulling the earlobes in Roman courts to stimulate the memory… 

While writing about kings and wars Virgil was pulled by the ear by Apolo. Servius says that this was because „ear is the seat of memory, just like the forehead is the seat of genius“…

The reason why Buddha has big earlobes is because big earlobes are the sign of knowledge and enlightenment…

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