Janus — Brickthology

Pronunciation: ˈjaːnʊs or jayn’-uhs Alternate Spelling: Iānus (Latin) Other names: Bifrons,Ianuspater (“Janus Father”), Ianus Quadrifrons (“Janus Four-faced”), Ianus Bifrons (“Two-faced Janus”), Dianus, Dionus Other Names and Epithets: Ianitos (Keeping Track of Time), Iunonius, Consuvius (‘”The Guardian of the Beginning of Human Life”), Cozeuios, Conseuius the Sower, Patultius (the Opener), Iancus or Ianeus (the Gatekeeper), Duonus […]

Janus — Brickthology


Article, in which, considering that today is the 1st of January, I would like to ask few questions about Janus, Ancient Roman god of beginnings (and ends), gates, transitions, time…and the god after which January was named…

So to start: Happy new beginning (and end)

Question 1: Why is Janus the god of beginnings?

This is a valid question that I couldn’t find answer to…Romans believe that he was the Primordial god with no parents. His main epithet, Pater, means that for Romans Janus was the first of the gods and thus their father…But why?

To understand this we need to look at the rights performed in honour of Janus. They were performed at the beginning of the Year, at the beginning of each month and at the beginning of each day…Nothing strange here, god of the beginnings…


First strange thing: Why was the beginning of the year celebrated on the 1st of January, after Winter Solstice which was celebrated on the 25th of December?

Aker, the Egyptian Janus? — Cradle of Civilization


Cybele Janus Aker Aker was an Ancient Egyptian earth and death deity. In several inscriptions, wall paintings and reliefs, Aker was connected to the horizon of the North and the West, forming a mythological bridge between the two horizons with his body. Aker was first depicted as the torso of a recumbent lion with a […]

über Aker, the Egyptian Janus? — Cradle of Civilization