Magical Faery Cows — British Fairies

The Llyn Barfog cow is called home I have discussed faery beasts and faery livestock before a few times, but one aspect of this subject has been neglected until now. That is the curious matter of magical cows. In Wales, these supernaturally productive beasts are typically from the herd known as the gwartheg y llyn, […]

Magical Faery Cows — British Fairies

Cow, Nursemaid to Humanity by Judith Shaw —


Our human connection to Cow goes back to the days of prehistory. Aurochs (wild oxen), cattle’s wild ancestors, are found in prehistoric cave art throughout Europe, India and Africa. About 10,500 years ago modern cattle were domesticated from only 80 wild oxen in southeastern Turkey. This was not an easy task as wild aurochs are […]

über Cow, Nursemaid to Humanity by Judith Shaw —