The Medway Megaliths Part 1: The enigma of the White Horse Stone — Earth Wisdom Earth Science


The White Horse Stone is shrouded in legend. It is located in the Neolithic funerary complex that we today call the Medway Megaliths, and was once possibly part of a chambered long barrow of which no other traces remain. Until recently it was one of a pair of megaliths that stood close to the Pilgrims […]

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Avebury closed for Summer Solstice — The Heritage Journal


Press release from the National Trust Avebury closed for Summer Solstice The National Trust have today (Monday 18 May) confirmed that neither Avebury nor its land across the Stonehenge Landscape, will be open for this year’s summer solstice and are asking visitors not to travel to the area. The celebrations which take place every midsummer, […]

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Thursday, 30 January 2020

This is Grýla, the Icelandic Christmas witch. She lives in a cave in Iceland’s hinterlands, from where she attacks nearby townships, snatches up misbehaving children, and turns them into delicious stew….

Grýla did not get connected to Christmas until around the early 19th c. when poems began to associate her with the holiday…

Prior to that, she was „really a personification of the winter and the darkness and the snow getting closer and taking over the land again. Not only did she represent winter, she was seen as actually controlling the landscape“…

This is very interesting. In Slavic languages, the word Baba today primarily means grandmother. But it also used to mean mother, midwife, and Mother Earth. I talked about this in my post about „Baba’s day“ which is the celebration of midwives from Bulgaria…

Winter Solstice Moon — Landscape and Monumentality


Winter solstice 2018 in the Northern Hemisphere occurred at 22:23 on Friday, 21 December marking the first day of winter. Today, 22 December, celebrations occurred at Stonehenge and other megalithic sites, such as Avebury, to mark the sunrise; the birth of a new sun. On the night of the solstice the moon appeared to be […]

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