Saturday, 24 April 2021

Cylinder seal depicting he sun god Shamash,  Akkad (Iraq), 3rd millennium BCE, Chert. Currently in the collection of the Israel Antiquities Authority

Official description:  Shamash emerging through a pair of mountains flanked by columns, perhaps heaven’s door…🙂 Maybe, but I doubt it. Here is why:

1Modern impression from a greenstone cylinder seal from Sippar, c. 2300 BC…Currently in The British Museum… 

Here is Shamash (the sun god), in full power (represented by sun heat rays emanating from both shoulders), standing „between two columns with a lioness and a lion“. „Between the lions“ means that he is standing in Leo, end of July, beginning of August…

And, Leo is a solar year calendar marker which marks the beginning of the mating season of the Eurasian lions. 

Hence lioness and lion…

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Saturday, 19 December 2020


This is truly incredible object. Composite Lion and Bull, bronze, Iran, 1500-1000 BC. It is currently kept in the Cleveland Art Museum. The meaning of this object is unknown. It is presumed that it has served as an object of worship in a temple or shrine…

Worship of who? Who else. The beast of course. 

The beast in this case is The Sun during hot, dry season, which in Mesopotamia starts at the beginning of May, beginning of summer and ends at the end of October, the end of autumn.

The hot, dry season spans summer (symbolised by bull) and autumn (symbolised by lion). 

I talked about the animal symbols of the seasons and why these particular animals were chosen to be the symbols of the seasons in my article „Symbols of seasons

The dry season in Mesopotamia is the season of drought and death…Completely dominated by the blazing summer and autumn sun….The god of death: Nergal…The Late Summer Sun was equated with the God of Death, Mot, in Levant too. 


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Sumer’s History Maps before the Akkadians Invasion and Colonization in 2334 BC — Tarig Anter on Protect & Reinvent Democracy

The first map: Ubaid Pre-Uruk Civilizations in Sumer 6500-3100 BC The second map: Uruk (Irok) Civilization & Empire 4000-3100 BC The third map: The Jemdet Nasr period 3100-2900 BC after the great flood Fourth Map: Early Dynastic period in Sumer & Subar 2900-2350 BC It is necessary to re-study and interpret the history of Kmt […]

Sumer’s History Maps before the Akkadians Invasion and Colonization in 2334 BC — Tarig Anter on Protect & Reinvent Democracy

Mesopotamia — Tree Spirit Wisdom


The „Tree of Life“ is a common motif throughout Mesopotamian mythology. 5000 BCE – Mesopotamia is a broader geographical term for ‚the land between the rivers‘, referring to the ancient civilizations that lived between the Tigris and Euphrates river. Today its area includes modern day Iraq, Kuwait and parts of Syria, Turkey and Iran. Mesopotamia […]

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The Human Story – Mesopotamia — Rest is History


Today we are going to look at the ancient lands of Mesopotamia. This historical region in west Asia is situated within the Tigris-Euphrates river system and located in modern day Iraq, Kuwait, parts of northern Saudi Arabia, the eastern reaches of Syria and stretched to south eastern Turkey. Mesopotamian sites provide evidence for the earliest […]

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