Saturday, 7 November 2020

There is something very interesting about the story „How King Midas got to have donkey’s ears“:

Pan and Apollo have a musical competition. Tmolus, god of the mountain of the same name located in Lydia, Anatolia, judged the competition. When Tmolus declared Apollo to be the winner, Midas, follower of Pan, objected as he believed that Pan was better musician. Apollo was so furious that Midas couldn’t hear that his music was better than Pan’s, that he turned the king’s ears into those of a donkey…
Is this just random rubbish? Why donkey’s ears? You would expect that if Apollo wanted to punish Midas for choosing Pan instead of Him, he would have given Midas goat’s ears, just like Pan’s?
Maybe the choice of ears has something to do with climate in this part of Anatolia.


We can see from this chart that the climatic year in Lydia is divided into hot dry part, summer (Apr/May – Sep/Oct) and cool wet part, winter (Sep/Oct – Apr/May)…