The Music of Stonehenge. — Stonehenge Stone Circle News and Information

For anyone who has ever been to Stonehenge for one of the four solar festivals – Summer or Winter solstice; Spring or Autumn equinox – it is impossible to think of it without thinking of some kind of music: the drumming circle that sometimes last all night, building up to a crescendo at dawn (and […]

The Music of Stonehenge. — Stonehenge Stone Circle News and Information

The Magic Words of Healing — SENTENTIAE ANTIQUAE


Pliny the Elder, Natural History, 28.21-22 “It is not easy to explain whether foreign and unrepeatable words undermine our confidence more than uncommon Latin ones which our mind makes seem ridiculous since it is always casting about for something huge and strong enough to move a god, that is, something to force the mind’s will […]

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Die Geburt der Flöte

Using acorn cap as a whistle with two hands:

Find a ripe acorn and separate cap from the seed.

Hold the cap between both thumbs and both pointer (index) fingers, as shown below. Make the „Y“ shape with your thumbs and position them to show only the small, top, triangular section of the acorn.

Constrict your lips a little and blow hard, just as if you were blowing out a candle that was 3 feet away from you. The knuckles of your thumbs will rest right in between your lips. The thumb knuckles won’t get past your lips into your mouth, though, because your lips are pursed.

Or you can do it like this with a single hand:

Get an acorn cap

Put it between your pointer and middle finger like this

Squeeze you hand in a fist like this